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your guide for a positive birth experience

Doulas provide hands-on support in many ways, nurturing parents emotionally and physically. This can include educating the birthing family about their options, providing non-medical comfort measures such as hip squeezes, or cold washcloths on the forehead, advocating for labor and nursing positions, and encouraging skin-to-skin contact following birth, the "golden hour." 

I help empower birthing people to make informed choices to achieve their birth goals and help establish a successful postpartum family.

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Doula Support Package


  • unlimited contact by phone/text or email

  • birth plan preparation

  • access to my personal lending library of pregnancy, birth, and postpartum-related books

  • VBAC (vaginal birth after cesarean) preparation for those who desire a VBAC

  • (1) prenatal in-home visit to discuss birth preferences and non-medical comfort measures to perform during early and active labor

labor + birth

  • 24/7 on-call support beginning at 38 weeks gestation

  • continuous labor support at birthing location (at-home, birth center, or hospital)

  • work with your partner, providing breaks for a nap, snack, etc.

  • perform non-medical comfort measures to encourage labor progression

  • facilitate communication between you and your provider regarding your options

immediate postpartum

  • take photos of your new family if requested

  • assist with the baby's first feeding

  • (1) postpartum in-home visit to reflect on your birth experience

  • help troubleshoot basic lactation issues if desired

  • provide referrals to local resources to help you and your family adjust to the "fourth trimester"

Ready to add a doula to your birth team?

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